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Winning Streak R S'thern Gent *B *S

November 3, 2022

Chocolate with scattered white


*DNA on file*

Dam - GCH Winning Streak EB S'therncharm 2*M VVVE89

DD - Egidio WL Southern Belle 1*M

DS - Phoenix Farm Exotic Bird +*B


Sire - GCH Winning Streak O Remarkable *B

SD - GCH Winning Streak EOT Amazing 5*M EEEE91

SS - Winning Streak CM Countn Orders *B

Winning Streak R S'thern Gent *B *S

Photo credit to C.E.Johanson Photography

Winning Streak R S'thern Gent *B *S

Gent's dam, Charm, is a beautiful doe in the Winning Streak herd who is described by her breeder as "powerful and dairy". She goes on to say, "She is long and level, being lean about her neck and prominent in her brisket. She carries lots of width throughout, continuing into a high and wide escutcheon." Charm finished easily as a 3yo 2F at the Florida State Fair, going Grand Champion over 103 other Sr Nigerians and continued on to win Best Doe in Show over the 550+ goats at the show! She is described as having a MASSIVELY capacious mammary with her first milk test in 2020 weighing in at 6.3 lbs. Charm's butterfat sits pretty consistently between 5.5 - 6.5% and she was still producing 4.9 lbs on test day at 162 DIM. 

His sire, Remi, is out of one of our all time favourite does, Winning Streak EOT Amazing 5*M EEE91. Mazy is described by her breeder as "truly the whole package. She shows, she milks, and she does it all with ease. Mazy is an incredibly dairy doe, she is sharp, angular, long and lean. She has a well attached, very capacious mammary system that milks down to nothing and has notable height of rear udder as well. Mazy peaked at just over 6lbs of milk per day during her 2018 lactation, and finished with milking 1,220lbs of milk in a mere 260 days." 

Remi himself has an impressive show record already as a yearling with 7xJrCH 1xGCH 1xBOB. Donna at Winning Streak has said the following about Remi, "At his first ever show, Remi won his class in both rings and was also named Jr Champion Buck TWICE! The judges both raved about him, stating they couldn’t wait to see him mature. Remi has garnered 2 more Jr Champion buck wins, continuing undefeated in the ring thus far!

Remi, at 10 months old while earning his 7th Jr Champion buck title, then managed to BEAT OUT THE SR CHAMPION for his 1st GCH/BOB leg!! This buckling is shining bright already and I just know he will exceed ALL expectations I set for him." Remi earned his champion title in Summer of 2023.

We have such high hopes for Gent here and we are thrilled to have him join our herd! The overall mammary structure, capacity, teat placement and fore udders behind this boy are so exciting to us! We can't wait to watch him grow out and mature!




(7 months old)

Rump - 86 | Dairy Strenth - 84 | Feet + Legs - 87


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