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Agape's Prize Drk Syde O Moon VG86

April 23, 2022


*DNA on file*

Dam - Agape's Prize SunnySyde UP CQ VEEV89

DD - Wood Bridge Farm Undermine

DS - Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn +*B


Sire - Agape's Prize Pope TQuinn *B

SD - SGCH Old Mountain Farm Merriment 3*M (2017 National Champion)

SS - Old Mountain Farm Tomo Quinn +*B

Agape's Prize Drk Syde O Moon
Agape's Prize Dark Syde O Moon

Photo credit to C.E.Johanson Photography

While keeping an eye on Nationals in the summer of 2022, we came across a goregous doe who we later learned was Agape's Prize SunnySyde Up CQ. We instantly knew there was something special about this girl and so when we heard that she had a buckling available, it was no brainer we needed him here in Canada. Sunny will shortly be making a move from Kentucky to Lousianna to join the herd at GTB Farm and we cannot wait to see how well she fairs over the next couple years. There's no doubt in our minds, she'll have that championship title in no time. Sunny has a beautifully glued on udder with lovely teat placement, something we're hoping Dark Syde will pass down to his kids. She will be freshening again in the Fall of 2023 at GTB Farm. 

Dark Syde's maternal granddam, Wood Bridge Farm Undermine, placed 3rd, just behind CH Old Mountain Farm Merriment as a yearling milker at the 2016 National Show. She has that beautiful stretchy length to her and is about as level as they come. 

His maternal great granddam, CH Atwood Acres Dott, won second place 4 year old with first place udder at 2014 Nationals. 

His maternal grandsire, Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn +*B, is the 2017 ADGA National 2nd place Get of Sire and the 2018 ADGA National 1st Place Get of Sire. He has many fabulous daughters on the ground, most notably CH Wood Bridge Farm 22K Gold. 22K Gold is the 2021 ADGA National Champion Senior Doe.

His sire is an up and coming 2 year old buck at Agape's Prize with a handful of kids that just hit the ground this year. We're looking very forward to seeing what he his progenies accomplish in the near future. 

His paternal granddam is none other than CH Old Mountain Farm Merriment 3*M. Merriment was the 2017 AGDA National Champion, 2017 ADGA National Show Best Udder and was part of the 2017 ADGA Best Dairy Herd. She is a very special doe at Agape's Prize and we are thrilled to now have a piece of her here!

His paternal grandsire, Old Mountain Farm Tomo Quinn, is a gorgeous buck with lovely depth, length and a rump we adore. Tomo walked into his first show and took Grand Champion and Best Buck in Ring 1 and Reserve Grand Champion in Ring 3. 




(Yearling Score)

Rump - 85 | Dairy Strength - 86 | Feet & Legs - 87


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