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Why Highlands?


Originating in the Scottish Highlands and the Outer Hibrides islands of Scotland, the Highland breed is well known for their long, wide horns and long, wavy, woolly coats. Colours vary, consisting of red, black, dun, yellow, white, grey, silver or tan and can also be brindled.


Their meat is lean, but well marbled, normally rated as premium beef.  Pure Highland beef comes at a price, pure Highland beef commands a premium price due to its fine texture, succulent flavour and high protein content. Numerous tests shown that Highland Cattle meat is low in both fat and cholesterol. It also is high in Iron.


Highlands tolerate cold weather well thanks to their thick double coat of hair. This is huge for us in Alberta, as our winters are long and cold. We knew we wanted to raise a breed of cattle that we had little worries about over our harsh winters.

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