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Our Fold

Our Highlands are raised on rotating pastures over 130+ acres in the rolling hills west of Bentley in Central Alberta. They have free access to minerals and fresh water at all times. You'll find our fold closer to the house during the winter months where we can keep an easier eye on them, wean the calves and where they can gorge on bales of alfalfa/grass mix. In the spring, summer and fall months, you'll either find them in lounging in the trees enjoying the shade, or happily grazing in the cooler hours. Our highlands are never fed grain unless we need to motivate them to move, which isn't often. They are usually happy to follow our mini truck through the fields. We check our cattle at least once a day for any issues and to make sure everyone is happy and healthy.


We test our fold annually for Johne's and those results can be found under the "Health Testing" tab

Photo credit to C.E. Johanson Photography

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