Agape's Prize Court of Appeal 

DOB - April 23, 2022

Dam - CH Agape's Prize Full Court Press

DD - CH Wood Bridge Farm Unpresidented 

DS - CH Agape's Prize CountN On Quinn *B

Sire - Old Mountain Farm Scarab

SD - Old Mountain Farm Raimy Quinn 5*M AR

SS - Old Mountain Farm JustPlainEd

Agape's Prize was at the top of our list for bucks we wanted to bring into Canada to work with. We knew that they had the powerhouse genetics that were exactly what we were looking for. Many of the does and bucks in their herd have had (and continue to have) extremely sucessful show careers and we can easily understand why. 

The second I laid eyes on Court's dam, CH Agape's Prize Full Court Press, I knew I wanted a buckling of hers. The timing was so off with our shopping window being in the middle of summer that I knew I'd be hard pressed to get anything from Agape's Prize, never mind specifically from Courtney. Low and behold, when I reached out to Mark, she was on the list of does with available bucklings. Ahhhh the excitement! She is a beautiful long and level doe with ideal teat placement, a smooth fore and lovely rear attachments with that height we love to see. She finished her championship in July of this year as a 2 year old 2F. 

His maternal granddam, CH Wood Bridge Farm Unpresidented 1*M, is a beautiful doe with one of the most impressive udders we've seen to date. Her fore is so well blended, her teats are thick and perfectly placed and her medial is one we hope to see passed down here. 

His sire, Old Mountain Farm Scarab *B, is a 2 year old buck out of two of our favourites at Old Mountain Farm - Old Mountain Farm JustPlainEd and Old Mountain Farm Raimy Quinn 5*M AR. Scarab has had quite a few kids hit the ground between the last two seasons at Agape's Prize that we can't wait to watch grow out and flourish. 


Court's paternal granddam, Raimy, is another doe with a phenomenal mammary system and that perfect teat placement we are striving for here in our herd. You'll find that consistency in Raimy's dam, Mila Quinn as well.  

This boy's whole pedigree makes us internally squeal and we won't deny that fact even a little bit. We cannot not wait to get our eyes on him and are very impatiently waiting to welcome him home this fall!



Agape's Prize Court Syde

Agape's Prize Order N Da Court 


Dark Buckskin