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Better Wayz Heart Throb *B *S

April 4, 2022

Chocolate and Cream Swiss

*DNA on file*

Dam - SG Better Wayz Isabelle 3*M EEEE92 (Elite)

DD - SG Better Wayz Jaybelle 2*M (Elite)

DS - SG Gillispie's Black Bear +*B


Sire - Better Wayz Braveheart Carabear *B (Elite)

SD - SG Better Wayz Carabear 2*M EEEE92 (Elite) 

SS - SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay ++*B VVE85 (2018) (Elite)

Better Wayz Heart Throb *B *S

Photo credit to C.E.Johanson Photography

Better Wayz Heart Throb *B *S

Heart Throb comes to us from the well known US breeder, A Better Way Farm. When we started our hunt for the genetics we wanted to bring into Canada, Kathy's herd was a standout to us right away. The hard work she has put into her animals shines through in the consistency you see throughout her lines and we are beyond ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with her genetics. 

His dam, SG Better Wayz Isabelle 3*M VEEE91, is a foundation doe in the Better Wayz herd. Isabelle has excellent rear attachements, nicely placed teats and is a little powerhouse producing 1390 lbs on her 2021 milk test. Isabelle is currently 203 days into lactation and is still producing 3.6 lbs a day with a butterfat percentage of 9.2% (taken from her October 23, 2022 test). This girl also just took the #1 spot for butterfat production on the ADGA 2021 Top Ten list!

His sire, Braveheart is a full brother to SG Better Wayz SwissMiss Carabear 3*M VEEE92 (Elite + 2021 Top Ten), SG Better Wayz Harmony Carabear 3*M VEEE91 (Elite) and SG Better Wayz Funshine Carabear 3*M VEEE91 (Elite) who are all top does at A Better Way Farm. On the 2021 ADGA Top Ten list, Funshine took the #2 spot for butterfat production and Harmony tied for #10 and also became the new All Time Nigerian Dwarf Butterfat Record Holder!

His maternal granddam, Better Wayz Jaybelle 2*M (Elite), is a beautiful doe with thick, well placed teats and a nice, smooth fore extension. 

His paternal granddam, SG Better Wayz Carabear

LA'd EEEE91 (2019) and VEEE90 (2021), was 2019, 2020 & 2021 ADGA Elite Doe, was 2020 Top Ten for Butterfat, holds Superior Genetics Designation and is the Dam of 4 Elite Does at A Better Way Farm. 

His paternal grandsire is none other than SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay ++*B. Not only does EJ hold Superior Genetics designation, he was also awarded ADGA Elite Buck status in 2019, 2020 and 2021. EJ's dam , SG NC Promisedland MG Diva 4*D 1*M VEEE91 (99th percentile Elite), holds the highest PTA (predicted transmitting ability) and PTI (production type index) for the entire breed. PTA Milk +349, PTI1: 572, PTI2: 340.




(Yearling Score)

Rump - 87 | Dairy Strength - 87 | Feet & Legs - 87


Progenies In Herd
Key Hill HT Nola

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