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Mossy Rock NK Brilliant 5*M

May 23, 2022


Dam - Mossy Rock PA Miraculous 4*M VG 89 Select Doe

DD - Curl Creek Marvelous 3*M EX 91 Select Doe

DS - Potting Shed HC Asher +S VG87


Sire - Castle Rock Nikolas +S VG89

SD - SGCH Castle Rock Annika 2*M 2*D VEEV 88

SS - Castle Rock Black Oak +S EX93

**On lease from Mossy Rock Farm**

Mossy Rock NK Brilliant 5*M

Photo credit to C.E. Johanson Photography 

Brilliant is a beautiful doe with an impressive mammary. She freshened as a yearling this summer with nicely placed teats, that rear udder height we love and see from Nik in a lot of his daughters, and a smooth, nicely extended fore. Two days after she arrived at our farm, she was placed on the CGS one day milk test and easily earned her star. 

Brill is on lease to us from Mossy Rock Farm for at least the 2024 season.

Milk Testing


1 Day:

4.30 lbs

6.10% BF

26 DIM

9.79 Points

305 Day:

*Currently on test




Kidding History

Progenies In Herd


Twin does (Mossy Rock Farm)

Sired by Bridge Acres OP Jack Frost 


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