Better Wayz Fabio's Fire *B

DOB - February 12, 2022

Dam - Better Ways Too Hot To Trot 8*M

DD - Better Wayz Venus 7*M VVEV87 (2021)

DS - SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay ++*B

Sire - Better Wayz Is A Hunk *B

SD - SG Better Wayz Isabelle 3*M

SS - Amethyst Acres G Zebulen +*B

Fabio is a handsome little guy whose pedigree has us very excited to bring into Canada and work with!

Fabio's dam, Better Wayz Too Hot To Trot 8*M, is a beautiful FF with nice thick, ideally placed teats and a socked on udder, which is something we're seeing in all of the EJ daughters... ahhhh the consistency! Her milk tests show that high butterfat we're looking for at 9+%! We are excited to see her flourish with her second freshening. 

His maternal granddam, Better Wayz Venus, is a beautiful doe who LA'd VVEV87 as a FF in 2021. She has nice depth, the rear udder height and teat placement we drool over. 

His maternal grandsire is none other than SG Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay ++*B, who we have absolutely fallen in love with through all of our searching. EJ holds Superior Genetics Designation as well 2019, 2020 & 2021 ADGA Elite Buck (99th percentile Elite). EJ's dam, SG NC Promisedland MG Diva 4*D 1*M VEEE91 (99th percentile Elite), holds the highest PTA (predicted transmitting ability) and PTI (production type index) for the entire breed. His consistency with teat size and length in his daughters is a very welcome addition to our herd. Sadly, it's looking like EJ's breeding days are over so we are thrilled to be bringing more of his line in!

Fabio's sire, Better Wayz Is A Hunk *B, is a young up and coming buck in the Better Wayz herd. He was heavily used last season so we will be following his daughters closely as they freshen. Hunk's littermate sisters, Is a Doll, Is a Gem and Is a Lady, were retained and freshened this year with beautiful mammaries, all earning their milk stars as FF's.

His grandsire is Amethyst Acres G Zebulen, a buck that was also used heavily at Better Wayz over 2020 and 2021 and has many daughters on the ground that we anticipate will do nothing short of amazing things in the years to come. 

Fabio's great granddam is where we squeal internally just a tad. Sugar Moon Z Zip Me Up, USDA Elite Doe (99th Percentile) has the 2nd highest All-Time Predicted Transmitting Ability and is the daughter of SG Sugar Moon V Zuzanna 4*M (#1 All Time Production Leader) (Elite Doe 99th percentile). In her 2019-2020 season, Zip as a 2nd freshener produced 2110 lbs of milk in 305 days with her highest test day of 7.6 lbs. At 269 days fresh in 2021, she was still producing 4.4 lbs on test day! Zip was the 2019 #1 Milk Production Nigerian Dwarf Doe Breed Leader. 


In the 2018-2019 season his great great granddam, Zuzanna (her 4th freshening), produced 2190 lbs of milk in 309 days with her highest test day of 9 lbs and was still producing just under 6 lbs a day at 283 days fresh.  Zuzanna is the all time Nigerian Dwarf Milk Production Record Holder, and holds the 3rd hightest PTA.

2017 ADGA Performance Breed Leaders Top 10 List: Milk (#2), Butterfat (#10) & Protein Production (#7)

2018 ADGA Performance Breed Leaders Top 10 List: Milk (#1), Butterfat (#1) & Protein Production (#1)

2019 ADGA Performance Breed Leaders Top 10 List: Milk (#4) 

This boy should be about as milky as they come and we cannot wait to see what he does here in the years to come!

Top 5 Nigerian Dwarf Does of All-Time for PTAM (Predicted Transmitting Ability Milk):

1. SG NC Promisedland MG Diva +322 (Maternal Granddam) 
2. Sugar Moon Z Zip Me Up +308 (Paternal Great Granddam) 
3. SG Sugar Moon V Zuzanna +292 (Paternal Great Great Granddam)

4. SG NC Promisedland SIA Zena +282

5. SG NC Promisedland BW Zippy +269


Better Wayz Amazing Grace


Chocolate with white markings