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Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Highland Cattle + Maremmas


Nigerian Dwarf Goats were the first animals to join Key Hill Farm and we instantly fell in love. Our goal has been to add top quality goats to our herd, bringing them in from across Canada and now with the addition of our bucks,  from the US as well. Our herd focus is on conformation, dairy strength and correct mammary structure. We will always strive to better the breed and produce show quality goats that milk with ease.


We participate in one day milk testing yearly and our does are currently on the 305 day CGS milk test for the 2023 season. We have starting classifying our herd as of this year and will continue to do so yearly if it is available to us.


This year will be the start of many exciting things as it will also mark the beginning of our does entering the show world with our first one being the Canadian Nigerian Dwarf Association Western Classic Show in Olds in June followed by Western Nationals in July.

Key Hill DD Bye Bye Birdie
Key Hill PJ Devil's Tongue
Key Hill MP MostValuablePlaya

Our breeding schedule has now been posted!

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