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Meet Our Maremmas

We cannot say enough about how much we love these dogs. We started with Ellie, Murphy arrived shortly after and we fell instantly in love with this breed.


With a heavier predator load and small animals, we knew we needed to have LGD's with our livestock and are thrilled with how they are all maturing and coming into their own. 


 Our maremmas are all dual registered with the Maremma Sheepdog Club of America and the UKC.

Untinen Ellie Jo

Untinen Ellie Jo

August 15, 2020

Mareus Star Arcturus


Untinen Jade


Ellie is allll business. She takes her job very seriously and doesn't like anyone near her goats that she doesn't know, which is exactly what we want. She's also the sweetest girl when she trusts you and is always ready and waiting at the gate for some loving.


Ellie's maternal grandsire and granddam were Italian imports and her sire was imported from Finland.


She is with our bucks and resides in the main buck barn. 

Ellie has been PennHIP tested and her elbows OFA certified. All info can be found under the Health Testing tab 

Whispering Aspen Ridge's Murphy Renzo

Whispering Aspen Ridge's Murphy Renzo

September 18, 2020

Peavine Hollow's Nicolo' Thunder


Sheena Maria Chevalier


Murphy is a total sweetheart. He's fierce when he needs to be, but most of the time he just wants to be in the middle of his goats baking in the sun. Murphy runs with the does, their kids and Calipso.

Murphy and Ellie's dams are full sisters, which makes his grandsire and granddam the same Italian imports. His sire was imported from Peavine Hollow Farms in Virginia.


He resides in the main barn. 

Murphy has been PennHIP tested and his elbows OFA certified. All info can be found under the Health Testing tab

Calipso Del Velino Sirente

Calipso Del Velino Sirente

September 4, 2020

Argatone Del Velino Sirente



Oh we are so excited to have this girl here!

Calipso joined us this spring from Italy. She comes from the well known and respected breeder Allevamento del Velino-Sirente. After many discussions back and forth with Mauro Di Fonzo, we knew that Calipso was the right choice to import to Canada. 

Calipso took a bit to settle in but she loves her routine and is doing extremely well!

"She has the official control of hip and elbow dysplasia with the result of HDA - ED0, she is a selected ENCI reproducer , morphological character test of the breed club passed, DNA deposited."

Calipso is a working partner to Murphy in the main barn with the does. 


Mountain Mist Nash

October 10, 2022

Cabrita Hills Vito


Mountain Mist Benson Ranch Arwyn

Nash has grown like a weed over the past year and has easily becoming a favourite around here. He listens, he's great with his animals and he and Ellie work so well together.

You'll find Nash with Ellie and the bucks. 

Nash will be PennHIP tested at 2 years old in 2024.

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