Key Hill PSG Vega

DOB - February 5, 2022 (Twin)

Dam - Mossy Rock MM Lyra *M

DD - Lil Bit Country HY Circus Act 

DS - Odds Are D Mighty Midas

Sire - Potting Shed MM Griffin

SD - Potting Shed FG Maxie EX90

SS - Dragonfly AV Magic Mike

Our Mega Vega.. this doe hit the ground running and hasn't looked back since! She's growing like a weed and very easily our largest retained kid. She has improved pasterns from Lyra thanks to Griffin, a wide rear arch and a long level body. Our fingers are crossed tight that the mix between her sire and dam have created something special! 

Vega will be bred to one of our US imports later this Fall. 



Key Hill PSG Orion




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