Key Hill PSG Chimaera

DOB - February 26, 2022 (Quadruplet)

Dam - Furthur DMM Empty Promise *M

DD - Furthur SMB Empty Heart 

DS - Dawnland CHB MicMac

Sire - Potting Shed MM Griffin 

SD - Potting Shed FG Maxie EX90

SS - Dragonfly AV Magic Mike

Chimaera reminds me so much of Hilda and that is so exciting to me! She's a shorter doe like her dam with great depth, strong pasterns and a beautiful rear arch. She is one we are itching to see freshen!

When we first brought Promise in, I knew she was one that I wanted paired with Griffin. There was something so intriguing to me about each of their lines and I knew they would compliment each other well. Chimaera was the first kid to hit the ground out of the Promise crew and we knew she was a keeper.

Promise was our second highest producer this year milking out close to 3 lbs each morning, easily earning her a milk star. We're confident the combination of her and Griffin will give Chimaera a lovely mammary that we can't wait to see!

We're keeping a close eye on this girl and hoping she'll be one we can freshen late next spring. 


Key Hill PSG Dreamscape

Key Hill PSG Xanadu 




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