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Key Hill PSG Chimaera 2*M *P VG86

February 24, 2022

Gold with white markings

*DNA on file*

Dam - Furthur DMM Empty Promise *M VG89 Select Doe

DD - Furthur SMB Empty Heart

DS - Dawnland CHB MicMac


Sire - Potting Shed MM Griffin

SD - Potting Shed FG Maxie EX90

SS - Dragonfly AV Magic Mike

Key Hill PSG Chimaera 2*M VG86

Photo credit to C.E. Johanson Photography 

Chimaera reminds me so much of Hilda and that is so exciting to me! She's a shorter doe like her dam with great depth, strong pasterns and a beautiful rear arch. She is one we are itching to see freshen!

When we first brought Promise in, I knew she was one that I wanted paired with Griffin. There was something so intriguing to me about each of their lines and I knew they would compliment each other well. Chimaera was the first kid to hit the ground out of the Promise crew and we knew she was a keeper.

Promise was our second highest producer in 2022 milking out close to 3 lbs each morning, easily earning her a milk star. We're confident the combination of her and Griffin will give Chimaera a lovely mammary that we can't wait to see!

We're extremely happy with Chimaera's first freshening. She has beautiful rear udder height and capacity we love to see. Chimaera easily earned her milk star on the CGS one day test and currently is on the 305 day test with the rest of the herd.

Milk Testing


(1 Day)

4.85 lbs

6.27% BF

42 DIM

11.34 Points

305 Day:

290 DIM

Milk - 531 kgs

Butterfat - 7.6% (40 kgs)

Protein - 5.3% (28 kgs)


(1 Day) 

(305 Day)




Rump - 84 | Dairy Strength - 85

Feet + Legs - 89 | Mammary - 85


Kidding History


Triplet Bucks

(Sired by Winning Streak RM Sir Winston *B *S)


(Sired by Winning Streak EB Dowa Diddy *B *S)

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