Key Hill FF Smoke Screen

DOB - February 27, 2022 (Quadruplet) 

Dam - Knotty Ash Hilda of Sweden *M

DD - Furthur KWB Wild Flower

DS - Potting Shed MM Griffin

Sire - Furthur FireOnTheMountain

SD - Furthur DR Peggy O

SS - Dragonfly SM Sugar Cain

The goat that walks to the beat of her own drum....

Hera is Fire in the form of a doeling. She is spicy, feisty, stubborn but just so sweet when she allows you to love on her. Her and her sister Phoenix are exact opposites in everything they possibly could be. 

Her dam Hilda easily earned her milk star as a FF in 2022 with the highest production out of any other doe here this year. She's an easy milker with large orifices, well placed teats and has continued to impress us as she gets furthur into lactation.

This girl is long with great depth and a nice wide arch. We are excited to see her freshen!

Hera may be bred to one of our US imports depending on how she matures over Fall



Key Hill FF From The Ashes

Key Hill FF Smoke On The Water




Kidding History:

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