Key Hill FF Hope

DOB - April 7, 2022 (Twin)


Dam - Curl Creek Trinity 

DD - Curl Creek Blossom

DS - Castle Rock Black Oak

Sire - Furthur FireOnTheMountain 

SD - Furthur DR Peggy O 

SS - Dragonfly SM Sugar Cain

Our Hopey... She's a special girl. We lost Hope's dam, Trinity, a few hours after she gave birth to twins and we were devastated to say the least. We know that if Trin and Fire had a doeling we would more than likely retain her but the situation quickly solidified that decision. 

Hope is a sweetheart, a typical bottle baby who follows you around like a puppy dog. It took her a while once we moved her and her brother into the barn to figure out how to "goat" but they got it. All the other does became protective of the two of them - almost like they knew they needed the extra attention.


She is a long, dairy looking doe which Fire seems to stamp most of his daughters with. We are looking very forward to this girls' first freshening in Spring of 2024!



Key Hill FF Chance




Kidding History:

2023 - Dry