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Key Hill FF From The Ashes 2*M VG86

February 27, 2022

Gold with white markings

Dam - Knotty Ash Hilda of Sweden *M VG89 Select Doe

DD - Furthur KWB Wild Flower

DS - Potting Shed MM Griffin


Sire - Furthur FireOnTheMountain +S

SD - Furthur DR Peggy O

SS - Dragonfly SM Sugar Cain

Key Hill FF From The Ashes 2*M VG86

Photo credit to C.E. Johanson Photography 

Here she is known as Mini Hilda or Phoenix. From the second this girl hit the ground, we knew she was special. We brought her back from the brink of death twice in the first couple of hours after she was born and so her name was chosen.

This girl quickly wormed her way into our hearts and became an instant favourite. She's following in her dam's footsteps in looks and personality and you won't find her far from Hilda's side. She is an adventurous girl and can often be found running, jumping and playing with the others or pushing buttons and picking fights just to make sure everyone knows she thinks she's boss.  

Hilda easily earned her milk star as a first freshener in 2022 with the highest production out of any other doe here this year. She's an easy milker with large orifices, well placed teats and has continued to impress us as she gets furthur into lactation. We're hoping these are all traits she'll pass down to Phoenix!

Milk Testing


(1 Day)

4.18 lbs

5.89% BF

33 DIM

9.44 Points

(305 Day)

Currently on test

Kidding History


2 does + 1 buck 

(Sired by Winning Streak EB Masterpiece *B *S)





Rump - 85 / Dairy Strength - 85 / Feet + Legs - 88 / Mammary - 84


Progenies In Herd

Key Hill MP Taonga

Key Hill MP Illustrious

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