Key Hill FF Enchantress

DOB - March 3, 2022 (Triplet) 

Dam - Kazimir Bel Air 2*M

DD - Blackbird Creek Clochette *M

DS - Castle Rock Nikolas

Sire - Furthur FireOnTheMountain

SD - Furthur DR Peggy O

SS - Dragonfly SM Sugar Cain

Chanty is quickly becoming a favourite around here! We’re hopeful she’ll follow in Belle’s footsteps with that nice high rear udder, beautiful attachments, smooth fore with some added teat length and thickness from Fire. 

We're extremely happy with the body style that Fire is stamping his kids with. They have that long dairy look we love with the perfect amount of depth added in and Chanty is a prime example of that!

Chanty will possiby be bred to one of our US imports depending on how she matures over Fall


Key Hill FF Mushu

Key Hill FF Hestia



Dark Buckskin


Kidding History:

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