Key Hill FF Ember

DOB - February 24, 2022 (Triplet) 


Dam - Furthur KRS Abby Road

DD - CH Furthur KM Sea Stones VG87 

DS - Kyeema Ridge Rock Steady 

Sire - Furthur FireOnTheMountain

SD - Furthur DR Peggy O

SS - Dragonfly SM Sugar Cain

Ember was the second doeling born this year out of Fire and Abby's litter and we were smitten with her from the get go. These three sisters did not make it easy on us to decide who to retain, so all three stayed put here. 

She is a bit more of a dainty doe than her sister, Seraphina, but still has some depth to her body which we love. Abby was nice enought to pass down her strong pasterns to this girl and we are so happy to see that nice wide escutcheon on her!

Ember will be dry for the 2023 season to allow her more time to mature



Key Hill FF Soleil 

Key Hill FF Seraphina




Kidding History:

2023 - Dry