Key Hill FB Sing Me A Song

DOB - April 14, 2022 (Singleton)

Dam - Wonderland GJ Tell Me A Story *M

DD - Stormwatcher Oh My Darling 

DS- Camanna OMF Gold Jackpot

Sire - Furthur DSC Bob

SD - Furthur DR Sparkle
SS - Dragonfly SM Sugar Cain

Song was a standout from the second she hit the ground. She was massive and our initial thought was...buck. Imagine our surprise when we peeked JUST to make sure and she was a doe!

Her dam, Story, is a favourite here. She's a smaller doe, but very balanced. She has that beautifully welded on udder that you'll see on most Jackpot daughters - one that we hope to see carried on with Song. 

Her sire, Bob, was only here for one season but we absolutely adored him. He had lovely depth for a smaller buck, strong pasterns and a nice rump. 

Song will be dry for the 2023 season to give her some more time to mature. 




Light Buckskin


Kidding History: 

2023 - Dry