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Furthur KWB Down To The Wire *M VG85

June 1, 2021


*DNA on file*

Dam - Furthur KDH Down The Line

DD - Furthur DSC March Hare

DS - Kyeema Ridge Doc Holliday


Sire - Kyeema Ridge Wild Bill Hickok

SD - Lost Valley Mr Megan VEEE90

SS - Dragonfly HX Altjira

Furthur KWB Down To The Wire *M VG85

Photo credit to C.E. Johanson Photography 

Ahhh this girl makes my heart explode every time I see her. She has matured into a beautiful yearling and my gut is telling me that this one is special!

Elsa came to us in the summer of 2021 from Furthur Farm. She was a stunner then as an 8 week old and she only improves as she grows out. She will freshen in the Spring of 2023 and we can hardly contain our excitement!  

Elsa has matured into a lovely 2 year old first freshener. She is very smoothly blended all over with a long, dairy look to her. Elsa did well on her one day milk test, earning her star, and is one of our does on the 305 day test this year.

Milk Testing


(1 Day)

4.40 lbs

6.46% BF

4.20% Protein

32 DIM

Total Points 10.41

(305 Day)

157 DIM 

Milk - 304 kgs

Butterfat - 7.0% (21 kgs) 

Protein - 4.9% (15 kgs)




Rump - 85 | Dairy Strength - 85

Feet & Legs - 87 | Mammary System - 83

Kidding History




2 bucks + 1 doe

(Sired by Winning Streak EB Dowa Diddy *B *S)


(Sired by Winning Streak EB Dowa Diddy *B *S)

Progenies In Herd

Key Hill DD Bye Bye Birdie

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