Furthur FireOnTheMountain

DOB - February 24, 2018 

Dam - Furthur DR Peggy O

DD - Furthur SMB Katie Mae

DS - Dawnland Tabby's Riverdance

Sire - Dragonfly SM Sugar Cain

SD - Dragonfly IH Jubilation

SS - Dragonfly HLJ Sugarman

We are thrilled with what we've seen from Fire before arriving at Key Hill.

His daughters Revel and Rave are favourites at Mossy Rock and 805 Farms and two more of his daughters had impressive first freshenings this past spring. Mossy Rock FM Rave, Mossy Rock FM Revel and Mossy Rock FM Phoenix all earned their milk stars in 2021. 

Fire is a large buck, sitting at 120 pounds and is OH. The confidence this boy exudes is honestly extraordinary. Last breeding season, Fire was our busiest buck and we are ecstatic with what we've seen hit the ground so far and to see a large retained group of his daughters grow out here. 




Furthur DSC Row Jimmy 

Furthur DSC Mind Bender (Deceased)