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Burnt Barn NK Royal Blue 3*M *P VG86

March 27, 2021

Chocolate Cou Clair

Blue eyes


*DNA on file*

Dam - Wonderland GJ Heiress Paris 2*M

DD - Wonderland Christian Dior *M

DS - Camanna OMF Gold Jackpot


Sire - Castle Rock Nikolas +S VG89

SD - SGCH Castle Rock Annika 2*M 2*D VEEV88

SS - Castle Rock Black Oak +S EX93

Burnt Barn NK Royal Blue 3*M VG86

Photo credit to C.E. Johanson Photography 

We welcomed Blue in the summer of 2021 and she was everything we had hoped for. Her dam, Paris, is a beautiful Jackpot daughter with a lovely mammary system that Jackpot is well known for putting on his daughters.

Her sire, Nik, is a well known US import buck in Canada now who has many daughters on the ground that have proven to be outstanding does in all aspects. We are excited to see what the combination of these two do for Blue. 

Blue's first freshening was exactly what we hoped it would be and more! She has really come into her own as a 2 year old and we're looking forward to watching her throughout this lactation. 

Milk Testing


(1 Day)

4.65 lbs

6.40% BF

39 DIM

10.43 Points

(305 Day)

289 DIM

Milk - 451 kgs

Butterfat - 7.9% (36 kgs)

Protein - 5% (22 kgs)


(1 Day)

4.19 lbs

6.62% BF

31 DIM

10.03 Points

(305 Day)




Rump - 87 | Dairy Strength - 86

 Feet & Legs - 87 | Mammary System - 86


Kidding History




Triplet does

(Sired by Winning Streak EB Masterpiece *B *S)


Quads - 3 bucks, 1 doe

(Sired by Winning Streak EB Dowa Diddy *B *S)

Progenies In Herd

Key Hill MP All Eyes On Me

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